About us

cūre-ate is a wellness marketplace. Each of our brands have been carefully selected for their natural movement emphasis, professional and expert advice, science based results, and of course they strive to look after our planet in the best way they can.

Put simply, cūre-ate is to look after and preserve - which is exactly what we want to do to help with your life. We aim to help you reclaim your nature, allowing freedom from a life in a confined environment. We aim to reconnect you to the natural world and for your to find your own true nature. We do not believe that chronic pain, immobility, depression, and lack of vitality are parts of modern society that are normal and unavoidable.

Our Story

When we started cūre-ate in 2020, we could have never imagined where we’d find ourselves today—a community of thousands of rebels who refuse to live life in a confined way. Just like on day one, we’re bringing you carefully selected brands, products and benefits to inspire you and your various communities reconnection to the natural world. It’s been an amazing ride so far and we can’t thank you enough for your support.

- Andy and Lauren

How best to use cure-ate?

Personal discounts for you and your family.

If you simply want to try and use the products on a regular basis, we offer you as a professional a substantial discount on the products. These will be sent to you when you sign up to the site.

Discounts for your clients.

We will offer you discounts for your clients to pass on if you wish them to try these products to help support your professional advice. These will be provided via a discount code, via email.

Become an affiliate.

We will offer your clients a discount and a commission to you for all sales that come via your personalized code. Thus allowing you to build the products into your current professional service.

Purchase the products at wholesale.

If you have a store front, an online store, or simply want to offer some of the products in your current services - set up a wholesale account with us. There are minimums on this but contact us at info@cureategoods.com for more information. We offer discounts as high as 40% RRP on most products.

How do we pick our products?

Our "curated" collection has been selected with the aim to provide products that have a certain cache and meet your approval. They are designed to help you both personally and professionally. Helping your clients, your family, and your and their health.