ViPR PRO Size Guide

Which ViPR PRO® Is Right For Me?

ViPR PRO® Weight Selection

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The Safety
An Outcome
Linear vs. Multidirectional



The right selection is based on two main principles, and potentially a third consideration:

  1. What theme I am using ViPR PRO® for? Is it for activation, mobility, strength, power, cardio or recovery?
  2. What series I will be doing? Is it the shift, lift, drag, tilt, carry, flip or flow?
  3. What facility and audience I am working with? eg. Recovery studios need small sizes, Mossa needs only small too etc.

LOAD vs.MOVEMENT  – If the load goes up my degree of freedom (motion) goes down, and vice versa

  1. If I select 16kg+, my action will be restricted to more linear drills. 
  2. If I choose 4-12kg, this opens up the door to what the ViPR PRO is designed: 3D Sub-maximal movement. 

In both cases, I either won’t achieve desired stimulus and the outcome (too light), OR I can potentially injure myself (typically 12 kg isn’t heavy enough for bicep curl, but it is heavy for shift. I see many people using heavy ViPR PRO for tasks like shifting; this can lead to an injury, and dislike the tool. 

So the selection must be anchored to the task in hand and purpose, as outlined in the table above.

  1. ON THE GROUND – these are all exercises that are performed on the ground. Therefore we can go with a medium to large size ViPR PROs.(tilt, drag, flip)
  2. LINEAR IN THE AIR – these are all exercises that are performed in the linear direction (forward and backwards or up and down – picture our LLT quadrant). We either lift it or shift it (linearly). We can afford medium size ViPR PRO. 
  3. 3D IN THE AIR – these are all exercises that are performed in a way that ViPR PRO was designed – multi-directional (LMT), away from the midline, in different angles, with different leverage etc. It is where the LOAD is not the same as WEIGHT. The load is the consistent number on the tool, whereas weight is changing based on all above.
  4. POWER – every theme should have specific load selection, but we can cover it in points 1-3. Power is particular because it’s about violent action. Therefore to keep people safe and achieve the desired outcome we suggest to use small size ViPR PRO. 
  5. BEGINNERS – we suggest to start with 6kg women and 8kg for men. Michol doesn’t like to differentiate gender, I am ok with it. 
  6. MORE EXPERIENCES – 8 & 12kg is a great start. These sizes will give people most bang for the buck experience.